Oz And James’s Big Wine Adventure S02E01

Oz And James’s Big Wine Adventure S02E01
Clarke and May travelled through California sampling local wines and meet winemakers, travelling north from Venice Beach to the Napa Valley. The chosen vehicle of this series was a Monaco motorhome, and in some episodes, a Ford Mustang and a Mini.

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  1. Wine Jam says:

    great fan of this series, that’s why I started up The Wine Jam Channel check us out and subscribe !

  2. Jazmin Jmày Barnett says:

    James is the first man ive seen complain about a woman coming along and bringing her friend ??

  3. Donovan Campbell says:

    TBH if see Oz from a million miles away because of the sun beaming off his head? how in the shit can wine have personality?

  4. Jan Christian Frodahl says:

    That woman who was SO fascinated by Oz Clarke was also in Jeremy Clarkson`s “inventions that changed the world”. Either the telephone one or the computer.
    Some kind of expert on communication or something apparently..
    OR, an actor hehe..

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