Pat Martino – Days Of Wine And Roses By Carlos Roberto Rocha III

Pat Martino – Days Of Wine And Roses By Carlos Roberto Rocha III
Pat Martino
Song:. Days of Wine and Roses by Henry Mancini
Analysis of tune by CRRochaGuitar

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  1. Carlos Roberto Rocha III says:

    JD thanks for the comment.
    You’re right, the correct chord is Eb9​​.
    It was my mistake, sorry

  2. kane kure says:

    Thank you for uploading.I know Pat and Wes were close friends.
    But I think his phrasings are strongly influenced by Jonny Smith, Joe pass rather than Wes.

  3. Tolga Guven says:

    Martino’s system goes beyond the replacement of major and dominant chords with minors. He relates all keys that are a minor third apart from each other and utilizes chord substitutions from these keys. His approach actually relies on the diminished seventh chord and its relations to other chord structures. In Martino’s system, G7-E7-Db7-Bb7 (Dm7-Bm7-Abm7-Fm7) are all interchangeable. This is particularly useful for creating tension and playing altered sounds effortlesly over dominant chords. Unlike what some people claim, he does not use the modal perspective.

  4. Restaurant Coréen, Sésame et Sel says:

    Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino are great and genius Guitarist-jazz in the history “Jazz-guitar modern”. What feeling..!What swing!

  5. DEMIEDU Guita says:

    See the time and listen to the content, a unique jazz band, music for the few that observe the true language of the sound sequence of musical notes.

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