Provence: Legendary Light, Wind, And Wine

Provence: Legendary Light, Wind, And Wine
We climb Roman ruins in Nîmes, explore a papal palace in Avignon, and savor vivid views immortalized by van Gogh in Arles. Crossing acres of lavender and wispy vineyards, we explore the Côtes du Rhône and more wonders of the south of France.

© 2004 Rick Steves’ Europe

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  1. Bill Bergendahl says:

    There was a lady who lived in Arles, France who died at the age of 122 in 1997. The longest lived person who age has been verified. She knew the artist Vincent Van Gogh.

  2. Oιiviα Rose says:

    Those old men playing Boules were adorable! I’d love to just sit and watch them for an afternoon.

  3. Jean-Claude GABILLET says:

    Le pont du Gard n’est pas en Provence mais en Languedoc Roussillon ! La carte de présentation n’est pas bonne car la Provence va jusqu’aux portes de l’Italie

  4. Russell Trakhtenberg says:

    this was one of Rick’s finest work. I have to say his guide books are really well put together. Im considering buying a few.

  5. CandyisAwesome86 says:

    Um 14:00…she eats the cheese and puts her used toothpick back on top of the cheese? Like…this is what feeds my phobia of communal food.

  6. Sue Harvey says:

    What a shame there was no mention of the other great Roman building in Arles……….the Horreum, grain store, in the basement of St Trophime…

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