Rahsaan Patterson ‘Pitch Black’ From ‘Wines & Spirits’

Rahsaan Patterson ‘Pitch Black’ From ‘Wines & Spirits’
Truth’ is one word that summarizes Rahsaan Patterson’s philosophy towards his music — ‘Vulnerability’ is another. Rahsaan has never been timid expressing his most inner core through lyric and song, and Wines & Spirits — his fourth release — showcases the evolution of an artist who crosses borders without fear. Here he crosses into urban alternative…with a little rock. Rahsaan can sing it all. Check out rahsaan.com for more on the CD.

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  1. LadyMamaAlive says:

    Rahsaan, look up SOUL in the dictionary, there you will find HIM!!! The Man is in a league of his OWN, Neo-Soul!!!

  2. brianofbluemethod says:

    I’ve loved Rah since I saw his skinny frame dancing in that display case. LOL! I was like, “Who is this?” Anyway……..very interesting song “Pitch Black”. Its got a rock vibe. It kinda reminds me of this awesome song by GARBAGE called #1 CRUSH.

  3. Mariska van Nijendaal says:

    This song is so New Wave!! I love the bassline and the song so much!! Eighties in it’s rythm

  4. Iyke Gbench says:

    I really get tired of reading how underrated Rahsaan is, all artist can never be on the the same level, no matter how talented they are and that is a fact of life.

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