Remembering Summer Wine’s Bill Owen

Remembering Summer Wine’s Bill Owen
On the 16th anniversary of the death of actor Bill Owen, some previously unseen footage of Bill with fellow cast members from Last of the Summer Wine at a tribute to the show at Pinewood Studios, where interior filming had just finished, in October 1998. Bill Owen passed way on 12 July 1999.

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  1. time to box says:

    Brian Wilde died March 2008, bill Owen compo died 1999 x last of the summer wine is holmfirth is timeless comedy x

  2. time to box says:

    rip compo aka bill Owen .sadly most of the cast here have passed away . rest in peace to them all

  3. Greedy Dawg says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. I grew up on this show and loved every episode. Thank you Bill for the laughter and your stellar performance you gave in every episode. Forever missed, Never forgotten.

  4. SPAMWARS1 says:

    I am a good fan of this show. I am really astonished at the amount of time, effort and manpower that was needed to make this show. Even the simplest of scenes seem to need much care and retakes, though I am aware that they did have plenty of time in between episodes to get them done.

    It is still amazing considering the storyboard creating and script writing time needed and then putting it into the practicality stage of the production process. They were at a rabbit’s pace I’m sure.

  5. qpulse says:

    Thanks for uploading Morris.  I think Last of the Summer Wine was brilliant.  Sadly a lot of the cast are no longer with us.  Thank you for making everyone laugh and God bless them all

  6. Wayne's World. says:

    something magical about this guy im still fascinated by him even now at almost 40 years of age as i was when i was 8 year old watching him,his spirit lives on with me and the memories of watching last of the summer wine back when life was a lot more simple and tv programs took you to another place.

  7. Damien Le Maistre says:

    I went to the studios here in October 2014, sadly closed down now, I saw the first episode of Still Open All Hours!

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