Sicily – A Sea Of Wine

Sicily – A Sea Of Wine
A movie produced by Regione Siciliana, Agriculture and Alimentary Resources Department and C.E.M. Cinema e Media.

Director: Lidia Rizzo
Editor: Tommaso Valente
Photography: Antonio Covato, Giancarlo Leggeri
Music: Rudy Gnutti
Speaker: Mark Ashworth

A “blue line” links the fortunes of Sicilian wine to the sea: the Phoenicians brought wine to Sicily and distributed it in the rest of the continent.
The Greeks cultivated the vine and dedicated it to the god Dionysus. In Pantelleria today, we still find heroic cultivators of Muscat of Alexandria. John Woodhouse and his Marsala revolutionized the Sicilian economy in the 19th century. King Ferdinand of the Two Sicilies built the Royal Bourbon Wine Cellar in Partinico, in the province of Salerno. The Duke of Aumale created the famous Moscato Zucco.
Today, Western Sicily is planted with more vines than anywhere else in Italy. Sicilian wine is entering a new phase of success by mixing the avantgarde with tradition.

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  1. Dea Sorride says:

    Molto bello complimenti, sarebbe ottimale fare dei short, mini scorci di questo video non oltre 1.30 minuti perche la gente non vede o guarda un video di 18 minuti. Amo tanto la zona che mostra il video. Complimenti

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