Sugar Glass Video: How To Make Sugar Martini, Champagne & Wine Glasses

Sugar Glass Video: How To Make Sugar Martini, Champagne & Wine Glasses
— This in-depth instructional video will teach you how to make a silicone mold of glassware and also how to cast a functional, edible, breakaway sugar glass in the shape of Martini, Champagne, Wine and Beer glasses. A sugar glass will hold your favorite beverage, crunch sweetly when eaten and break safely over one’s head or when thrown in a fireplace. These distinctive confections have become very popular when used in cake decorating, especially with sugar bottles shown in the video, “How to Make a Sugar Bottle Mold.” Sugar Glass, in the shape of popular glassware designs, can also be used as props in the production of movies and plays where the glass needs to be broken safely. Commonly referred to as “breakaway glass” the stage craft manager and/or prop designer can benefit greatly from the knowledge they will gain from this video. How to use Isomalt sugar to create sugar glassware is also covered with valuable information on how to use silica gel packets to preserve the shine and integrity of sugar glass for months. Sugar Martini Glass, Sugar Champagne Glass, Sugar Wine Glass, Sugar Beer Glass

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  1. 4recar1 says:

    I can’t imagine putting that much time and effort into making a damn wineglass made of sugar.

  2. trxxxtr says:

    you sure do get a lot of bubbles on your glasses. there’s a very easy tech to mk sure you don’t get air bubbles. it calls for a vibrating massager or something else with the same vibration. I use a black and decker vibrating tear drop sander that wrx even better due to the flat bottom to set the mold on. it works the air bubbles out.

  3. carl hernandez says:

    Boy for a stupid worthless glass there is so much polluting products generated and energy wasted .Do we really want to do this?

  4. Cinéphile Green says:

    Could he just have use latex gloves so he doesn’t have to wash for fingerprints multiple times?!

  5. JackJackKcajify says:

    You will all reach a point in life where the pain and suffering and existential absurdity of this sick world will push you to the point that the only thing stopping you from blowing your brains out is to find satisfaction and peace in small things such as this, mold making. that’s what life is about, trying to live easy. Everyone has time for this.

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