Sulfites – Why Red Wine Gives You Headaches

Sulfites – Why Red Wine Gives You Headaches
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This is Dr Ben Lynch giving clinical insights to a common condition – from the cuff – not reading and no teleprompter.

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Why do some people get headaches after drinking red wine?

Certain foods, like red wine, are high in sulfites.

Sulfites can cause headaches, fatigue, neurological issues, and possibly other symptoms.

Sullfites can deplete Vitamin B1 (aka thiamine), which contributes to the symptoms mentioned above.

Sulfites need to be converted into sulfates using the enzyme, SUOX (sulfite oxidase). This requires the mineral molybdenum.

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  1. Nancy Ethan says:

    There are many of us that have more severe reactions to sulfites, including anaphylaxis. Because we react to amounts less than 10ppm (the FDA does not require labeling for small amounts of sulfites), I can tell you they are in many foods, drinks, and medicines… including Epipen. I feel lucky that the first part of my reaction is flushing, a distinct rash on my face, neck and chest. It is immediate. My red flag to stop eating or drinking whatever it is with hidden sulfites. It proceeds to GI upset. That may be good that it’s eliminated so quickly. In worst case, my blood pressure drops, my heart rate increases, I break out in a sweat (again, body trying hard to eliminate sulfites). Dizzy. I am lucky that I do not have asthma or any trouble breathing. I wish that I could process sulfites.

  2. MrBrianDuga says:

    Yay Ben finally pronounced molybdenum correctly. Lol. Love these vids Dr Lynch you wear your heart on your sleeve.

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