Talking About Wine In English – Learn English Vocabulary For Small Talk

Talking About Wine In English – Learn English Vocabulary For Small Talk
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Si vous cherchez un sujet de conversation au restaurant avec vos collègues étrangers, pensez au vin ! Cette vidéo vous donne tout le vocabulaire pour parler du vin en anglais.

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  1. Delphine Rouget says:

    Thank you so much for talking about wine … I need it for my futur job !

  2. Speak English with Christina says:

    My pleasure, +Delphine Rouget ! If there are other subjects you need vocabulary for in your future job, feel free to suggest some video topics 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Olivier Jourdan says:

    Can you imagine the pain for me ? I’m not speaking a good English and I part of the rare French that not really like wine ^_^ hopefully this video will help me to bluff 😉

  4. Marks1979 you know says:

    I’m treating myself to French shiraz! !! wtf, shiraz is not French. Do you mean Syrah! ! why are you speaking to adults like they are 5 year olds?

  5. Wemerson Santos says:

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    We have daily tips and conversations with people from everywhere.

  6. Gabriela Ferreiro says:

    Really great video Christina. It helps me a lot to reafirm vocabulary and avoid mistakes. Thank you so MUCH.

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