Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine

Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine
Tame Impala ( are practising their petite Perth pants off for their upcoming Australian tour. Prancing in September and October, tame Impala will stop to drink at several water holes including Wollongong, Geralton, Hobart and Geelong as well as most capital cities. Hit the usual suspects: ticketek.com.au, moshtix.com.au, oztix.com.au.

Half Full Glass Of Wine is the type of song you come across rarely with it’s half speed, double riffing magic. Kevins vocals float through the air like a magic carpet ride through an aural wonderland, the guitars dual each other in a call and response frenzy, which all leads up to a beast of a solo that holds you by the soul galloping away in oblivion.

Half Full Glass Of WIne comes accompanied by a video directed by creative minds Special Problems (Cut Off Your Hands, Mercy Arms) who has created the perfect trippy realm for you to get lost in. Humming birds that flutter around a sumo wrestler, monkeys bounce off of canons and dance upon their fiery discharge, dogs jump at floating ships on the horizon like possessed beasts.

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  1. AlexXx Impala says:

    sin duda unas de las mejores canciones de tame impala, y el vídeo ni que decir es una ¡obra maestra!

  2. GearandaltheFirst says:

    Dammit, I’m trying to listen to modern electro trash, stop giving me Tame Impala, I can’t replicate the Gods

  3. Scott Stringbender says:

    Blue Cheer, Cream, Lennon, Floyd, Stones…….Psychedelic soup. Mmmmm good cracker!

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