TEDxO’Porto – Dirk Niepoort – Douro Wines.

TEDxO’Porto – Dirk Niepoort – Douro Wines.
Born in Oporto in 1964, Dirk Niepoort is the fifth generation of a Dutch family traditionally dedicated to the commercialization of port wine. Although the family business, he was only interested in wine after studying economics in Switzerland.

In 1987, he joined his father in the family business and started an internal revolution. Defender of the idea that there are several Douros in the Douro, acquires the first vineyards and begin producing table wine, a region hitherto devoted to the Port.

Reformer, nonconformist, irreverent, he´s name becomes synonymous of innovation and foresight of future trends. In 2004, eliminates the use of chemicals in their vineyards, saving 20,000 euros per year and achieving more balanced and pure wines. But it never fails to sustain the forefront with tradition: at the same time, reintroduces traditional techniques such as mills.

Central figure of the Douro Boys, he is undoubtedly the main responsible for the transformation of Niepoort: a global symbol of quality, represented in over 50 countries.

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