The Cat Empire – The Wine Song

The Cat Empire – The Wine Song
The Cat Empire – The Wine Song

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    this English Australian accent is kinda irritating but the music is great

  2. Lois Stanton says:

    really enjoyed the change of tempo throughout and the liveliness of the entire song…..very very good!

  3. Miguel Guevara says:

    Can someone please create a mind shattering choreography to this? I day dream about what this would look like and its something between a Greek zorba and cossack dance.

  4. njp988 says:

    We played a game with this song when I was younger. You gather 3-4 friends, buy a box of wine, take out the bag, and start the song. The goal was to finish the bag by the end of the song. Lots of fun.

  5. Molly Stewart says:

    my 2nd favorite song off Harry zee mastor of zee trumports :3 comment from Fiona Stewar:) :3 🙂 :3

  6. Waker90 says:

    dont know if im normal or just another alchoolic but i toast to the sun with you “cat empire” !!!! TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAYYY LETS HAVE SOME FUN FUN FUN FUN

  7. PhonixTeam says:

    I remember tripping lsd to the lost song and absolutely loving it, but every time this one came on at least two of us would be in a fit on the floor by the end ahahaha

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