The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine (Lyric Video)

The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine (Lyric Video)
Lyrics video for Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars, from their album Barton Hollow. Absolutely adore this song! Created using Adobe After Effects 🙂

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Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars
Written by Joy Williams, John Paul White and Chris Lindsey
Published by Sensibility Music
Produced by Charlie Peacock
Released February 2011

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  1. ReallyNamjoon says:

    I used to listen to this song a lot after my fiance and I broke up. It became my crying song anytime I ever felt sad. Feeling pretty blue tonight so I thought I would listen to it again. I totally shouldn’t have.

  2. ScreamingCheese says:

    No matter my broken legs, arms,…i’ll crawl just to feel your breath. or two. It’s all I want.

  3. Audrey van der Meij says:

    The fact that I like civil wars and the titled sounds cool brought me here 🙂
    Also, this is a really good lyric video with awesome effects

  4. Holly Graham says:

    Had anyone here read Red Queen and Glass Sword because oh my Lord this is the perfect song for Cal and Mare. ❤

  5. Nique Bela says:

    My most favorite song. My heart breaks and mends at the same time every time I hear that piano ad guitar

  6. Angela Poole says:

    This is one of my favorite Civil Wars songs…

    Any song fits your OTP when you get in deep enough. 😉

  7. fairyfay30 says:

    Someone’s Kakashi x Gai fanfic playlist introduced me to this song… ^^
    I’ve been repeating this song since yesterday, and it always reminds me of the story, but also cuz this song is so good!

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