The Coolest Way To Open A Bottle Of Wine

The Coolest Way To Open A Bottle Of Wine
Jonathan Ross, a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park, is responsible for resurrecting the old world tradition of using heated tongs to open wine. Placing the red hot metal around the neck, it makes a clean break leaving the cork intact. The method originated in Portugal as an alternative to opening very old bottles of wine with corks that tended to crumble from age.

Watch to see how it works.


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  1. judgeomega says:

    Seems like a failure of engineering the product if you have to resort to such measures. Get with the modern world and screw tradition (pun intended).

  2. THiiZKiid says:

    why do they charge a corkage fee on a screw top bottle? because it sounds better than a screwage fee

  3. Astiagogo says:

    The coolest way to open a bottle of wine is when that wine is champagne and you perform sabreage.

  4. jolly jolly says:

    Holy fuck I love Vintage Port. Anybody from Portugal want to hire me as an employee? I’ll work hard, eat seafood, marry a beautiful local woman, and watch the sunsets.


  5. Roberto Pechenino says:

    This is a waste of time, how can you re-use the bottle, WE ALL NEED TO LEARN TO RECYCLE! You have sediment strain it. If the wine was made right it should have no sediment! Sommeliers don’t know shit! Most think they are HOT Shit, Like the UC Davis Professor said it is all, Bull Shit!

  6. ViraL UniVerse says:

    Change the title to “The dumbest or dangerous way to open a wine bottle “..!!!!

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