The Wine Industry 1 3 The Firm Documentary)

The Wine Industry 1 3 The Firm Documentary)

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  1. maciej wrotek says:

    I am getting am impression that selling wine is more about some sort of psychological game, rather about the taste of it.

  2. bobzani says:

    Many people make the mistake of equating cost with taste. An inexpensive wine isn’t necessarily a bad wine. I’ve had expensive wines that were not as good(to me) as wines at half the price.

  3. Traubenliebe says:

    “Many people make the mistake of equating cost with taste”. This is partly true as with every good quality product: “Quality costs money” This is the case with wine as well. You can not expect a very good quality product if you only spend a few dollars or pounds on the wine in question. Everyone in the value chain needs and deserves to make a decent living and I believe that a good winemaker needs to be renumerated well to ensure that they keep making good wines. And this is nnot really possible in the low budget category (<10 USD). But I do a agree some wines are overpriced. As always value is a very personal experience and keep market mechanics in mind. Wish you all many wonderful wines. 

  4. Heemanshu Ashar says:

    Enjoyed watching 1/3 and 3/3 documentaries. Thank you Khalid for sharing. What about 2/3? Looking forward to watching it.

  5. TIM WARREN says:

    A well made video ripe in arrogance, pretentiousness, grandiosity, haughtiness, portentousness, vainglory and pompousness

  6. JB 6000 says:

    If anyone thinks its arrogant and haughty one thing Ill say is that I dont understand why people care for wine anyway. Mind you Ill sample it in the liquor store when its free. Now that is a sensible thing to do. I am not certain that I think buying it makes sense when you can get free samples of all different types and find out how much you like them all anyway before purchasing any brand/type of it

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