The Wine Show Series Trailer – Starring Matthew Goode & Matthew Rhys

The Wine Show Series Trailer – Starring Matthew Goode & Matthew Rhys
Matthew Goode & Matthew Rhys star in this new brand new 13 x 1 hour television series, for broadcast on ITV Spring 2016. Filmed in beautiful locations all over the world, The Wine Show is informative, entertaining, humorous and surprising, with something for everyone who enjoys a glass of wine.

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  1. Chibbykins says:

    “Here…to our villa…high in the Italian hills…” I think I just had a tiny orgasm.

  2. 2ndRatePetronius says:

    All the way IN. Well played, ITV–excellent replacement for the void DOWNTON ABBEY will leave behind ???.

  3. EBGBeee says:

    Blimey. No cliche left unincluded. I’ll watch it, but could they not have made an effort to get presenters who are a bit less stereotypical of the affluent wine drinker brought up on daddy’s Bordeaux?

  4. roraio says:

    *Matthew Goode* looks phenomenally handsome!!! ?? Just like the wine – the older, the better he gets! * sips some red wine *

  5. Carol says:

    I’ll watch Matthew Rhys in anything. Especially a bearded Rhys drinking lots of wine and with a Welsh accent ♥

  6. Sham Bolic says:

    I don’t give a fuck about wine and frankly wine snobs are the worst people to talk to – but I would drink up every second of this show just to see these babes being charming an tipsy together in fucking ITALY.

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