Tony Bennett – ‘The Days Of Wine And Roses’

Tony Bennett – ‘The Days Of Wine And Roses’
A beautiful rendition of my favourite Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancini composition by two masters of Musical virtuosity.

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  1. winelight1 says:

    Beautiful and gorgeous.

    It brings my beautiful memory while I was in Canberra and I listent this song every night.

    Greeting from Hong Kong 🙂

  2. adler474 says:

    The Days of wine and roses laugh and runaway like a child a play,
    through the meadowland toward a closing door,
    a door marked “Nevermore” that wasn’t there before.
    The lonely night discloses just a passing breeze filled with memories
    of the golden smile that introduced me to the Days of Wine and Roses and you.

  3. KentuckyJet says:

    @Geraldolini ridiculous. AW recorded it with a full orchestra. this man sings it with just a piano! Its ridiculous to compare. an orchestra can hide a singers flaws and vulnerabilities. TB had no one to provide cover and he came through in great fashion.

  4. Geraldolini says:

    @KentuckyJet you’re right no comparison. I do love Tony Bennett’s version as well. However, this song is most identified with AW. Actually they both recorded this around 62-63. But, AW version seemed to be most popular as far a record sales. It is also the one I most remember from long ago. Perry Como did a version as well. I agree with you that TB has a great instrument…one of a kind! He’s still goin too…

  5. fingerscarr says:

    @winelight1 … great place canberra , used to live and work there ! … this song won the eurovision contest in 1962 ! ! ! ! … it has a haunting spiritual quality to it ! liked hong kong too ! !

  6. Zeppolino100 says:

    Bill Evans’ work on the piano makes the great treatment by Tony Bennet move this version into the marvelous. What a satisfying treat!

  7. 1FrankFan says:

    Very nice…beautiful song. Check out Monica Mancini’s version and also the Henry Mancini version w/chorus.

  8. Pablo Sorbara says:

    I had never heard the lyrics of this song before, but at the end, when he finished with “the days of wine and roses …and…” I somehow predicted he was going to say “you” 

  9. Oliver says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Have Barbra Streisand and him ever made a duet? That would probably be celestial ?

  10. linda hodges says:

    They are not long,the day’s of wine and roses.This is mine and my husbands song.

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