Types Of Red Wine : Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Facts

Types Of Red Wine : Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Facts
Cabernet sauvignon is the most popular type of red wine. Get tips on cabernet sauvignon tasting and aroma in this free wine video.

Expert: Jane Nickles
Bio: Jane Nickles is the author of “Wine Speak 101”, and wine writer for “The Texas Wine and Food Gourmet”, and “Eat and Drink Magazine”.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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  1. Alvin Tostig says:

    I tell people at work that I’m on a quest to find a $9-$14 bottle of wine that tastes like it cost $300. They laugh at me, yet I still haven’t given up.

    I honestly don’t get why all these wines I’ve been buying taste like piss. I mean like what’s the big deal about taking a quality grape seed and nurturing it … and selling it at a sensible price?

  2. mlsprovideos says:

    Informative… I want red, body, but a little sweet… no acid tast… what do you think?

  3. unjusdorange says:

    @objectivethirdparty wow you really sound like you know what you’re talking about. Tell us more about the raw pursuit of the truth. Can you also recommend some good red wines?

  4. 213Foxhat says:

    great wine lesson…. but here is a question… when did you last tast Wet Dog??? Is that similar to Wet Pussy????

  5. Wickmans Fine Wine Auctions says:

    The annual Coonawarra road tasting wineshow is a great way to taste through over 100 different aged and new release cabernets (this year in 2012 to include Hong Kong apparently).

  6. Olga Levin says:

    Me too. I just recently picked up a bottle of Fetzer Valley Oaks Cab Sauv here. Originally I ordered Tuscan Sauv but mistakenly the bar tender put Valley Oaks in my bag. I didn’t notice until I got home of course. The thing is that it all worked out. My family fell in love with Valley Oaks Cab Sauv. Next I will try the Tuscan bottle though. They were also the same price where I got my bottle at.

  7. Toolminion1 says:

    A long time ago, Cabernet franc and Sauvignon blanc bred together, I love you Cabernet Sauvignon 🙂

  8. Smedley Action Cat says:

    You get nothing out of watching this video other than understanding how little this woman knows about wine.

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