UB40 Red Red Wine Lyrics!1

UB40 Red Red Wine Lyrics!1

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  1. Yesit'sJess says:

    This song relates to a situation I’m in. I just cannot get this guy off my mind. I thought that not seeing him for months, I’d eventually get over him, but no. He will not escape my mind, and so the red wine helps. 🙁

  2. RainbowDash72 says:

    A long time ago when I was a kid, I thought he said “Red Red wine you make my FEET so fine/grand/sad.” XD

  3. VGK FIGHTER says:

    my grandmother died when I was only 2 she dropped dead right in front of my dad .he was the last one to see her . his life is ruined because of that 11/15/2001

  4. berserker wolf says:

    I listen to this song everyday to remind me that I will never get the girl I like ????

  5. Gio Rojas says:

    this is my grandmas song she is 74 years old and me and her were dancing together but I’m worried she will pass?❤ u lita

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