Verona, Italy: Fine Dining And Wine

Verona, Italy: Fine Dining And Wine
More info about travel to Italy: At Enoteca Cangrande in Verona, Italy, an array of dishes and wines celebrate local Italian ingredients.

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  1. TravAgSta says:

    Oh, Italian Food is just so amazing…great how you celebrate it! And Verona is a beautiful city, too…

  2. spaghetti says:

    I went to a restaurant in Milan, we were about to not go because it was raining very hard, but we went anyway. The food and wine was spectacular when we got there, in fact the lights all went out because of the rain yet we still had an amazing time. In a way, the chaos of the whole thing was exactly what made that excursion special (that, and the tiramisu).

  3. Kristine Maita says:

    Stay at home and stop traveling because we are afraid? Never! Leaving a week from Saturday, leasing a car for 6 weeks and enjoying Italy and France…can’t wait!!!

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