Willie Nelson-Yesterday’s Wine

Willie Nelson-Yesterday’s Wine
Here is a good tune by Willie Nelson. This one I got off the album Wanted: The Outlaws. Released in 1976

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  1. sirb1223 says:

    Back in ’79 I was 8 years old. Took a 3 week road trip with my dad; Wanted! The Outlaws was the 8 track in heavy rotation. I am practically tearing up with nostagia right now.

  2. Arnold Judge says:

    Classic Album.  My kids enjoy this music.  It’s good to see that the music transcends time.

  3. tim h says:

    One of the first songs i half *ssed learned how to play on my guitar just because it felt so good to play and sing! Another wonderful song. Thanks Willie ! You’ve no idea how much happiness you’ve brought to this old world.

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