Wine 101 With UW Professor Michael Wagner

Wine 101 With UW Professor Michael Wagner
The Whole U Speaker Series was thrilled to have Dr. Michael Wagner, assistant professor of Operations Management at the Foster School of Business, join us to explore the fascinating world of wine. Watch this video to learn about wine regions and varietals, wine characteristics, tasting terms, how to read labels, classical pairings, markups, and ratings.

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  1. Janett Gonzalez says:

    Excellent and very informative video. I am trying to learn more about the wine world, so this video help me a lot. Thank you

  2. jamesiu1234567 says:

    oh i love inniskillin! they’re rieslings are great and they’re pretty cheap too!

  3. Sevey Lee says:

    very good video. on pairing though, spicy food with syrah/shiraz is pretty good. conventional wisdom may disagree, but it oddly works.

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