Wine Education: What Are Sulfites?

Wine Education: What Are Sulfites?
Arizona Stronghold Vineyards Ambassador of Wine Education shed light on the topic

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  1. LastDayStudios says:

    If it naturally fucking occurs in wine then why is it ADDED to wine?

    You’re a fucking liar.. Sulfite is a hazardous chemical waste. It’s also found in hot springs and human shit. And yes it does cause headaches because it travels to the neurons in the brain causing damage to brain cells.

    Just tell the fucking truth.

  2. Yves Demers says:

    I met a chemist for the wine industry that told me they can,t add more sulfites than the already set amounts in parts per million to wine then they do or else a good percentage of the population would die from it; i drink only honey wine because grapeĀ  wine gives me hangovers…yeee for the beeeeeeeeesss!

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