Wine Gum Experiment

Wine Gum Experiment

I think if you live in a country with Wine Gums then this will interest you greatly.

I think if you live in a country without Wine Gums you will laugh at my passion for a simple gummy treat.

Either way, thanks for watching 🙂

Set the juice loose:

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  1. JK. says:

    I found myself thinking about this particular video for the past few days like idek why.. first time I watched this I was 11 now I’m 19. Where did the time go?

  2. Rosemarie Jones says:

    My favourite wine gum flavour is the red ! How people like the black ones?!

    Probably started a war with that statement…

    Ok I’m gonna go.

  3. Justine Jones says:

    Eating wine gums right now, it’s pretty even except for 1 yellow. xD Still love Charlie after all this time xD can’t believe he doesn’t have more subs 🙂

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