Wine Lip Tints Review | TINA TRIES IT

Wine Lip Tints Review | TINA TRIES IT
In this episode, Tina Tries out the Lip Tints made from WINE!. Is it good? Watch and find out! Remember to SUBSCRIBE for more episodes.


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I will be giving away 2 x Wine Lip Tints

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3. Comment your name, country, shade of lip tint you want & *wine glass* emoji in the latest instagram photo!
*2 winners will be chosen & contacted directly on the 8th July 2016

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  1. Mitch Taehyung says:

    Hi Everyone! who wants to order this product we sell it online. please visit NM Items for more inquiries . only in Philippines

  2. Athena Flvuis says:

    I have one just like that,but like a light pink colour…. it tastes disgusting!I sometimes wear it to school

  3. Kumbros7 Rasan says:

    As I live in the UK , I can buy 5 for 1 pound , which equals to $1.29. So $15 or $12 take away $1.29 = $14.71 or $11.71 more.

  4. Mega Putri says:

    its cool, and now I wanna buy one :”)
    oh btw, I think u can use concealer on your lips for the next color, in case the previous one doesnt removed completely. maybe it will help 🙂

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