Wine-Producing Regions – Mosel, Pfalz And Franconia | Discover Germany

Wine-Producing Regions – Mosel, Pfalz And Franconia | Discover Germany
Now that autumn is on its way in Germany, it’s grape-picking time.
Germany primarily produces white wines, with Riesling the most famous.

Riesling grapes grow particularly well on the slopes of the Mosel Valley and is tributaries. The Ancient Romans made the most of the warm climate to harvest grapes here. As well as storing heat, the slopes give the wine its unique taste. Riesling grapes are also grown in the winemaking area of the Palatinate or “Pfalz” – one of the largest in Germany with over 3,600 vintners. It produces a quarter of Germany’s wines. Running through the area is the German Wine Route, one of the oldest tourist trails in the country. Over in Franconia, vintners specialize more in the Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner varieties. This region has its own trademark, flattened wine bottle form.

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