Wine & Spirits Distribution Systems, Empire Merchants Of NYC

Wine & Spirits Distribution Systems, Empire Merchants Of NYC
Facing growing order fulfillment and maintenance problems with a 35 year old paper-based, manual console-merge system; Empire Merchants knew they needed to invest in a new system that would allow them to be competitive and get solidly to the next level. “Our entire system was simply antiquated”, said John Magliocco, Chairman for Empire Merchants, “we were struggling to keep up with the volume demands and service levels that were being dictated by our customers. We chose to partner with W&H Systems to design, build and integrate a new fully automated system” said Magliocco. “With their extensive industry experience they provided numerous effective design solutions incorporating the latest material handling technologies.
W&H Systems has supplied automated distribution systems for more than 15 years specifically to the wine & spirits industry. With more than 30 systems successfully implemented throughout the United States, they are the leading supplier/integrator of material handling equipment to this market.
Utilizing nearly five miles of conveyor, the recently automated Empire Merchants liquor distribution center is one of the largest and most powerful systems in the nation.

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  1. israel gonzalez says:

    I work for republic national distribution company let me tell you it’s not the easiest job in the world specially loading 8-10 trucks at night anywhere from 300 cases up to 900 cases or even more if it’s a semi stacking them over your head hard work but good money

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